Column: Bargains at used book sale (3/26/17)

It is almost used book sale time again. Monday, April 3 at 9 a.m. is kickoff. The sale will go through 5 p.m. April 15! Take some of those tax returns and buy yourself some good books.

Hardbacks are $1 each and paperbacks are 50 cents each. Shop early and find gifts for friends and family at bargain prices. We are especially well-stocked this time around and have also taken advantage of the kindness and generosity of the Musgrave Pencil Company who took over storing books when we ran out of space. But, by sale time, trusty volunteers will have brought all the donated items back and you will find them displayed in the main room of the library.

Speaking of saving money, have you ever looked at the bottom of your library date due slip? The circulation computer automatically adds up the value of the items you checked out (for free) and lets you know what they would have cost if you had purchased them instead. Show budget conscious friends and family just how thrifty you can be. Or, hang onto your date due slips and total up your personal savings for past library visits. Lots of folks who have home computers and Internet service still come to use our printer when they need to make a print. It’s a good way to save the cost of ink cartridges and the printer itself if you aren’t someone who prints from the computer very often. Our computer generated prints cost 20 cents per page for black and white and $1 each for color prints.

Staying on the thrifty librarian kick, I just got the quarterly check from Kroger’s with our portion of the Kroger Rewards program money. With only 13 families using their registered Kroger Rewards card, we made $82.04 in the past three months. Imagine what we could do with more folks registering for rewards with the library as the chosen beneficiary? Log onto to create an account and designate us as your chosen charity. You still earn the same amount of fuel points that you did before.

On March 15 we had an…

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