Cloudbric and Evolink Partner to Extend WAF (Web Application Firewall) Service in Bulgaria

This strategic partnership is a perfect fit in helping us deliver our award-winning WAF to the Balkans and the surrounding Eastern European region.

Cloud-based website security provider Cloudbric has steadily continued its WAF expansion into Eastern Europe, and together with Evolink, a data center and cloud services provider for the Balkan region, will now be able to expand its security offerings to a wider range of clients from enterprises and SMEs to end users.

In responding to cyber security incidents, Eastern Europe has a proven track record of being one of the most resilient regions in terms of the ability to withstand and recover from cyber attacks, according to research by FM Global Group. However, with Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directive to go into effect next year, businesses across the entire region will need to deploy security solutions to fend off cyber attacks and protect the unauthorized access or leakage of personal data.

With standards for website security set high in this region, Cloudbric is able to help businesses adequately respond to cyber attacks with its award-winning WAF that protects more than just the common types of attacks. Using a logic-based detection engine comprised of 26 preset security policies, Cloudbric can intelligently recognize and block both unknown and known web attacks, thus delivering one of the lowest false positives rates among industry competitors.

For preventive security solutions to be effective, low false positives rates are a must, and traditional WAFs that generate high false positives due to their detection capabilities relying solely on patterning-matching methods are inadequate in fully protecting businesses. Businesses in Central and Eastern…

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