Tyler Wrenn, a 19-year old Clemson University sophomore, is building the first tiny house in Anderson County. Wrenn said he will save about $5,000 with the converted storage container instead of student housing.
Ken Ruinard/Independent Mail


Tyler Wrenn has been spent the past 18 months transforming a 320 square-foot shipping container into what will be Anderson County’s first tiny house.

Wrenn, a Clemson University sophomore studying mechanical engineering, is currently sleeping on a friend’s couch. That arrangement has added a sense of urgency to his home-building efforts.

“I hope to move in within the next two or three weeks,” said Wrenn, whose new abode is perched atop wooden blocks on a recently cleared lot outside Pendleton.

Wrenn came up with the idea of turning a shipping container into his living quarters after watching an episode of the popular “Tiny House Nation” TV series when he was a high school junior. At the time, he was living in Chapin, which is near Columbia.

“It piqued my interest,” said Wrenn, adding that he “enjoys doing things with my hands.”

He acquired his shipping container from an acquaintance. The container, measuring 40 feet long and eight feet wide, now is equipped with windows and a front door, as well as a kitchen, bathroom and a space that doubles as a bedroom and living room.

Wrenn, 19, also managed to add an extra foot of extra height to the…