Chinese exchange students successfully arrive in Santa Maria

Chinese exchange students…

In a flurry of nerves and excitement, 30 Chinese students set foot in Santa Maria on Friday with the program Cultural Homestay International.


Awaiting them – their new host families. “We’ve been hosting since 1987 and at this point I have lost count of how many students we’ve actually had – it’s well over 30,” says host Sheila Bowler. 


But not everyone is as experienced as Bowler. “My daughter sent me a link to the website today on KCOY and I didn’t think it was gonna happen.. I just thought well if they still need help I would be happy to help and she got right back to me and boom – a couple hours later here I am.. So I’m very excited,” says new host Christy Decker. 


Now Decker will be hosting four girls from China but she says she’s used to having a house full of girls. “Both my daughters and two granddaughters live with me so it’ll be a house full of females so I’m looking forward to that.. I like to hear them giggling,” she says.


Some of these students almost had to stay in hotels but luckily numerous families volunteered just hours earlier. 


“Thank you just isn’t enough – they are awesome – and they literally saved the day like mighty mouse,” says Academic Program…

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