Children’s Literacy Initiative Receives $15,000 Grant from Provident Bank Foundation for Early Literacy Project in Kearny, NJ School District

Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization partnering with educators to improve instruction so more children read proficiently by 3rd grade, was recently awarded a $15,000 Major Grant from The Provident Bank Foundation to support CLI’s 2017-2018 Reading Workshop Instruction Project in Kearny, New Jersey School District, which will work to improve early literacy instruction and student reading achievement in the early grades in this Hudson County community.

“The Kearny School District is elated to have been chosen by The Provident Bank Foundation and the Children’s Literacy Initiative as the recipient of this major grant,” said Kearny Superintendent Patricia Blood. “It will assist us in enhancing our literacy instruction at the primary grade levels where a solid foundation for reading is so critical for student success.”

The project, which is also supported by district investment, will train an anticipated 38 Kearny first and second graders on the Reading Workshop instructional strategy and provide CLI’s one-on-one coaching to select teachers to strengthen their instruction so they can then serve as “models” for teacher peers.

“CLI’s Reading Workshop Instruction Project in the Kearny School District provides a unique opportunity, as it will not only impact those 38 individuals directly associated in the program – and the students who learn under them – but also the teachers who follow in their footsteps,” said Jane Kurek, The Provident Bank Foundation Executive Director. “CLI also shares our same values in that we both seek to improve quality of life for those in our community to ultimately drive economic development. We look forward to seeing the program’s deployment.”

“CLI thanks The Provident Bank Foundation for this catalytic investment in literacy…

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