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HINSDALE, N.H. — Ten-year-olds Blayne and Daytona Boyd used their birthday party to raise awareness and collect donations for animal shelters.

The twins said they love animals. Daytona said she doesn’t have a favorite animal, she likes them all. Blayne, on the other hand, loves seals,”because they’re cute and have whiskers.”

With a little help from their mom, Joy Boyd, owner of Shear Designs, the two were able to turn their pool party birthday celebration into a fun way to donate to the Windham County Humane Society.

Blayne and Daytona come from a pet heavy household with three dogs and two cats.

“Our mom told us that there’s not enough room in the humane society to put the animals in,” Daytona said. “We hope we can help by giving them food.”

The hosts gave guests a donation list of items that animal shelters need, such as food, blankets, toys and other items.

The Boyds had all been planning the party for a while. The twins’ actual birthday is in March. They are in different classes at Hinsdale Elementary School. They don’t usually invite their whole class to their birthdays, because “it would just be too much,” Joy said. Each child only invites about three or four of his, or her, friends to the birthday party.

This year, however, the two went all out. To celebrate their big entry into the double digits, Blayne and Daytona had a pool party with about 60 guests. Joy was overwhelmed by the idea of the twins receiving 60 different presents, so she proposed they hold a fundraiser instead. Neither twin seemed too torn up about having to give up their birthday presents.

“We have too much in our house,” Daytona said. “So we just decided to give to the animals.”

Joy and her older daughter, Myia, made t-shirts to give out at the party instead of goody bags. The shirts read “adopt don’t shop.” The Boyd household featured their shirts proudly.

“We can get the word out by giving everyone these shirts instead of bags of candy,” Joy said. “Because bags of…

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