Chicago Plastic Surgeon Unveils Unique Process for Face Lift

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I have spent over 20 years listening to my patients and refining my entire approach to surgery

What keeps you from rejuvenating your face and enjoying your life fully? Behind financial and work concerns, women are most troubled by the stresses caused by aging. Solutions have not been easy. The negative aspects of face lift surgery, such as large incisions, a “stretched look”, prolonged recovery, general anesthesia, and the uncertainty of scarring can create an anxiety that prevents women from taking action.

“I understand that fear”, admits Chicago plastic surgeon Sam Speron, M.D.,  “because I have spent over 20 years listening to my patients and refining my entire approach to surgery.” Dr. Speron, a specialist in minimal incision plastic surgery, has created surgical techniques and a post-operative regimen for patients that is believed to be the first of its kind.  Surgery takes place in Dr. Speron’s in-office surgical suite for safety and comfort. His lifts incorporate a vertical lift of tissue in order to avoid the sideways stretching that can occur with a horizontal lift. Local anesthesia is the sedation of choice in order to reduce risks and to avoid days of post-op grogginess. Highlights of the program include visits for therapeutic massage that kickstart the healing process and melt away post-operative stress. Next, the office is open 7 days a week so that patients can visit for follow-up care to insure that all is well.

How about the concerns over scarring?  Dr. Speron manages that fear by lasering scar tissue within weeks of surgery. After six months, patients are delighted to…

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