Chicago Music Exchange Unveils Exclusive Fender Models

Chicago, IL (October 11, 2017) — Chicago Music Exchange (CME) has proudly expanded its line of exclusive Fender instruments for 2017 with the introduction of five new models. Available only at CME, these guitars feature a selection of Fender finishes and special features developed collaboratively between Fender product specialists and CME’s expert staff. In an effort to meet consumer demands and cater to the latest gear trends, many also hone in on the recent surge of interest in offset guitars—with a CME twist, of course.

“With our offset exclusives, we’ve tried to blend historical specs with some unique touches,” said Director of New
Product Dan Bordonaro.

Along with the American Professional Offset Telecaster in Walnut released in early 2017, a number of other
exclusive models have joined the CME family throughout the year, including an American Professional Jazzmaster
in White Blonde, two American Special Telecasters in Surf Green or Black, and an Offset Series Mustang in Faded

The American Professional Offset Telecaster in Walnut finish blends early offset designs with the mods of the early ’90s, boasting a 3-ply black pickguard, “Deep C” neck profile, Tim Shaw-designed “V-Mod” single-coil pickups,
narrow tall frets for easier bending, and this year’s redeveloped Tele bridge with compensated brass saddles.
“Our Walnut Offset Tele takes everyone’s favorite Fender Frankenstein and covers it with early ‘70s aesthetics,”
Bordonaro said.

Taking all of the iconic tone and feel of a Tele, mashed into the vintage stylings of an offset, these instruments are some of the most unique to roll off the assembly line, and have been a go-to among offset enthusiasts seeking a more eccentric addition to their arsenal.

The new Fender American Pro Jazzmaster in White Blonde lives up to the legend of Fender’s most popular offset
guitar at a price point anyone can enjoy. Featuring a…

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