Celtic Woman, ambassadors of Irish music, to play in Albany

ALBANY — The ambassadors of Irish music will be headed to the Palace Theatre in Albany this weekend. 

Celtic Woman is a group focused on taking the sounds of traditional Celtic music into other cultures and into other classic songs.  

The group has been together since 2005, although the group members have rotated and changed over the years their Celtic sound has remained. 

They were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best World Music Album in 2016 for their album “Destiny”. Over the years, they’ve produced 12 albums and nine DVD specials.  

But for one member, performing live for an audience is a unique experience, one that’s as exhilarating as it is emotionally moving. 

“It’s hard to explain it, why it’s so special. Even being in the show, it’s a moving experience even being part of the show. . . I think when people come to the show . . . they leave feeling a certain way and that’s why they come back again,” said Eabha McMahon, a singer in Celtic Woman in an interview with the Gazette. 

member of the group since 2015 and has brought a classical Irish sound with her background in classic Irish singing. While the other members are also Irish, they have backgrounds in musical theater and other disciplines. 

“In Ireland . . . Celtic Woman, they are really seen as the ambassadors of Irish music to the world,” McMahon said. 

The music brings not only the sound of the mandolin, fiddle and flute, but a percussive sound that everyone can recognize.

 “Even if you don’t speak the language, even if you’ve never heard Irish music before, I think that it does something to people. It touches a primal part of you that you just can’t help tapping your foot along and dancing,” McMahon said. 

Within the traditional pieces Celtic Woman sings, there’s always an intense story packed into the verses. 

“I think the amazing thing about Irish people is that we’re amazing story tellers,” McMahon said, “If you…

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