Celebrating Self-Improvement Month In Colleges

In line with a school’s continuous endeavor towards self-improvement, in every academic year, a particular month is generally designated as a self-improvement month. During this month, there are festivities as well as several events that further advance and motivate young persons to strive to become better individuals in life.

Making every effort towards the goal of self-improvement, does not by any possible means, challenge the exceptionality of an individual. Well, it is a known fact that every person comes with his own levels of competence. Nevertheless, you cannot put a ceiling on these personal strong points.

There is always room for improvement. In this way, an individual is able to preserve his existing capabilities and simultaneously augment them through self-improvement.

The self-improvement months conducted by several different schools are usually anticipated eagerly by the students. Now, this is due to the fact that theses activities, apart from being remarkably inspiring also give due importance to each and every student. There is neither a leader nor a follower. Everybody is assigned equal privilege.

Before the self-improvement month commences, the guidance counselor carries out student interviews. This is to evaluate further the students with regard to their self-improvement needs or requirements. Besides, students are also offered the chance to contribute their inputs pertaining to the kind of events to be organized in the month.

Once the guidance counselor finishes the discussion, the students are normally assigned a task to create something for an event, which will bring to the fore their creative abilities. They can compose songs, pen poems, paint for an exhibition, choreograph a stage performance, and several such others. They are given a free rein to organize the entire schedule of events.

In addition, even though a majority of schools observe this practice, in spite of it not being a self-improvement month, students are requested to keep a record and jot down personal areas they think need improvement in addition to what specific areas have already been accomplished by them.

For instance, a student can list developing his planning abilities. Later, he can note down, next to it, what the actual development was with regard to the same. For example, he can pen that he assisted his father in planning a formal business party. Even though it is just small thing, nevertheless it is quite a significant landmark regarding his objective of self-improvement. The recorded statements are often talked about with the class adviser or guidance counselor and suitable suggestions are made.

During self-improvement months, the school corridors are covered by an array of murals and collages. The teachers give themes concerned with self-improvement and the students form themselves into groups and make a collage based on the theme, which they afterwards will exhibit in the class. At times, competitions are also held to spice up the proceedings.

Contests are bound to take place since they spur the students on to reveal their true capabilities. Generally, contests are held in the spheres of singing, writing, painting, cooking, and so on. What is of the essence is that students are provided with a setting to exhibit their skills and are driven to sharpen them even more.

In the self-improvement month, there are countless activities, which can be organized. However, everyone should bear in mind that these events must underline the fact that each individual should hope to become a good human being and capitalize on all available prospects for self-improvement. Now, students are in the process of developing. Hence, it is crucial that they realize, as soon as possible, that an individual’s capabilities are never ending. There is, even now, so much that can be brought out and shared with others.

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