Catalano Design Wins 2017 EPDA Award, Celebrating the Best in Product Design

The headband design sets a new standard for comfort in large planar magnetic headphones.

Catalano Design, a leader in innovative designs for consumer and professional products, announced that it has won a silver medal in the prestigious European Product Design Awards(EPDA), in the category of Media and Home Electronics/TV, Video and Audio Equipment. EPDA honors the best in product design globally, with the goal of advancing the appreciation of design worldwide. Each submitted design was evaluated by the EPDA jury on its own merit, based on form, function, and innovation.

The silver medal was awarded to Catalano Design for its excellent industrial design for HIFIMAN’s award-winning HE1000V2 planar magnetic headphones. When HIFIMAN set out to create this flagship product, their goal was to create the best headphone in the world. They selected Catalano to work with them to create a class-leading user experience from an ergonomic and aesthetic perspective, while utilizing HIFIMAN’s revolutionary driver technology to create a listening experience for audiophiles around the world. Catalano Design’s goal in designing the HE1000 V2 was to honor and elevate the pact between HIFIMAN and the audio world of commitment to beauty, comfort, and manufacturing quality in addition to groundbreaking sound.

Innovations throughout the Design

Careful ergonomic study and iterative testing comprised the foundation upon which Catalano built key aspects of the design. A study of the skull and ears informed the asymmetrical shape of the ear cup, which Catalano developed to create an even seal around the ear and a large surface area for the planar magnetic driver. The cups are beveled so that they contour to the shape of user’s head, not only for comfort over extended listening periods, but also for optimal acoustic seal. Catalano’s extensive experience across a variety of industries and products led them to design lightweight, durable wood rings for the earcups that encase the drivers, borrowing manufacturing techniques for molding high quality plywood utilized in the furniture industry.

The headband design sets a new standard for comfort in large planar magnetic headphones. An entirely new approach to weight support accommodates a broad range of head shapes and sizes while evenly and comfortably distributing the weight of the phones and providing a generous area of contact.

Catalano eliminated all unnecessary parts to create unparalleled comfort for the headphones which are often worn for hours on end. The headband combines a stainless steel spring with perforated suede in a unique suspension system that is sturdy, lightweight, and dissipates heat.

The innovative grill system was designed to provide both driver…

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