Cars may be damaged by fuel mix-up; some drivers contacted by Eastland Kroger

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A fuel mix-up at Kroger has left some drivers without their cars.

The wrong kind of fuel was put in the diesel tank at an East Nashville Kroger gas station earlier this month.

There are about 65 customers that purchased fuel from the pump believing it was diesel, according to a spokesperson with Kroger. So far, Kroger has only been able to contact 40 customers.

The victim we spoke with says it didn’t take long after filling up for her car to break down. For three weeks now Celia Hughes’ BMW X5 has been in the shop.

“It wouldn’t start and the ‘check engine’ light came on so I took it to the dealership,” she explained.

After a week, Hughes said the dealership couldn’t figure out the problem when a representative from Kroger contacted her, tracking her down through her Kroger Plus card.

“I got a call from Kroger that there had been an incident and they had accidentally put premium gas into their underground diesel tanks,” explained Hughes.

Hughes says Kroger has promised to take care of the repairs and a rental car in the interim. The bill for repairs is already at $12,000 and the problems keep adding up.

“There is a sensor that they can’t get turned off and they are still replacing one valve at a time, so hopefully, soon,” said Hughes.

Hughes points out that in a letter she received from Kroger they say the incident happened on September 3rd, although she filled up on the 6th.

“It’s annoying and frustrating. I understand that people make mistakes. There’s just the anxiety of what’s going to happen next.”

A spokesperson for Kroger released this statement to us:

“An error was made and our carrier placed premium fuel in the diesel tank at our Eastland Kroger. We regret this happened, and sincerely apologize to the customers affected. As soon as the error was realized, we drained and properly cleaned the pump. Also, through the Kroger Plus card system we were able to identify and contact most of the…

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