Caronlab Increases Online Availability of Bump eRaiser

“Our products are becoming more and more available throughout the American market,” said Griffin. “We’re strengthening business relationships to deliver Bump eRaiser to the largest audience possible.”

Caronlab Australia, a company known for developing high-quality skincare and shaving products, announced its top-selling product Bump eRaiser is now widely available throughout the American market.

The company has strengthened its reputation in the competitive beauty and personal care sector through developing high-quality skincare products and waxes. Now Bump eRaiser is available through leading retail and nutritional sites, including,,,,,,, and

“The customer response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Derek Griffin, retail brand manager for Caronlab. “That has allowed us to expand the availability of our products and reach even more people. We’re looking for Bump eRaiser to be sold wherever people are looking for beauty and wellness solutions. Our goal is to help users achieve all their skincare goals.”

Originally founded by Lilliane Caron, who still owns and runs salons in Australia, the company has become the country’s leading manufacturer of skincare products and waxes. Bump eRaiser has seen particular success because it effectively treats a variety of common skin conditions associated with shaving and waxing, including ingrown hairs, bumps, pimples, redness and itchiness. It works by slowing hair growth and allowing ingrown hairs to be released, thereby eliminating irritation. The result of the unique blends are smoother, healthier skin after every hair removal.

The skin treatment’s…

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