Care services project set to be showcased


A VALE-BASED project aimed at improving access to end of life care services for people with dementia and learning disabilities is set to share its work with others at an industry conference.

The Diverse Communities in End of Life Care project, which is funded by the Big Lottery, is based at the Marie Curie Cardiff and Vale Hospice, and is set to be showcased at a specialist annual conference in Scotland later today.

Project manager Monica Reardon will talk about the project and its outcomes at the New Directions in Palliative Medicine Finding Strength: Challenges and Opportunities for Patients with Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders event.

“This project aims to improve access to palliative care services for people with learning disabilities and people with dementia,” said Ms Reardon.

“The goals are to identify barriers to service access, implement changes within our services to reduce barriers and share best practice supporting these groups at end of life.”

Ms Reardon collects data through focus groups and surveys, with participants recruited via organisations that support these groups.

The project manager has also run information sessions for professionals to increase their awareness of barriers faced by these groups and how to support them.

Ms Reardon will also highlight the work being undertaken around becoming a Dementia Friendly hospice both with physical changes to the environment and further staff training.

“In many ways the message has come back to this throughout the project,” said Ms Reardon. “Improving services’ accessibility to meet the needs of one group often has a ripple effect on improving services for all,” she said.

“While these groups face unique needs and challenges compared to other patient groups, some of the improvements we can make these barriers will have a wider positive impact on the service we provide.

“Overall, the outcomes of this project, shaped by the input…

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