Caradigm and RightPatient Partner to Offer Complementary Solutions for Healthcare Single Sign-On and Cloud-Based Biometric Patient Identification

Our partnership with Caradigm unites the most accurate and versatile biometric patient identification technology with an industry leading SSO solution to reduce mistakes and simplify workflows.

In response to the growing urgency for healthcare providers to reduce security and compliance risk, secure data, protect privacy and increase safety, RightPatient today announced a new partnership with Caradigm, a GE Healthcare company, that offers a suite of comprehensive identity and access management solutions to safeguard patient identities, secure patient data, and improve clinical and IT operational efficiency. The RightPatient Caradigm partnership provides a unique bundle of healthcare solutions that combines the industry’s most versatile biometric patient identification service with the only integrated identity and access management solution.

Healthcare providers must now strike a difficult balance of establishing accurate patient identification to protect safety, prevent duplicate medical records and ensure quality care while accommodating the desires of physicians and operational employees who want fast, secure access to protected data, often in mobile environments. The RightPatient Caradigm partnership delivers on this need by providing an enterprise-wide identity management solution that ensures patients are kept safe throughout the care continuum. It also strengthens security to ensure HIPAA compliance and reduces the risk of litigation if patient data is lost or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

RightPatient provides the healthcare industry with the most accurate, scalable, hygienic, and versatile, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based biometric patient identification service. With an easy implementation process and seamless integration into any…

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