A family is now enjoying freedom after being held for 5 years by a Taliban-linked terrorist group. Among those held captive: an American woman, her Canadian husband, and their three young children

An American woman and her Canadian husband who were kidnapped by a Taliban-affiliated group in Afghanistan five years ago have been freed along with their three children, U.S. and Pakistani authorities said Thursday.

The Pakistani army said its soldiers recovered the family in an operation based on U.S. intelligence.

Caitlan Coleman and her husband Joshua Boyle were abducted in 2012 while traveling in Afghanistan and were held captive by the Haqqani network. 

Coleman, 32, from  Stewartstown, Pa., was seven months pregnant when she was captured after traveling to Afghanistan via Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.  The couple had three children while in captivity.

The Toronto Star reported there was a shootout and Boyle said the last words he heard from the kidnappers were, “kill the hostages,” according to the Associated Press. The paper reports all five kidnappers were then shot dead and Boyle was injured with shrapnel.

News crews flocked to Coleman’s parents’ home just outside Stewartstown awaiting word from Jim and Lyn Coleman on the release of their daughter and her family. The couple has quietly worked for the family’s release the…