California conservatives, tired of state’s liberal politics, find friendlier abodes in Texas

Tired of high taxes on everything from your home to your plastic shopping bags? Concerned that violent crime may be seeping into your once seemingly idyllic neighborhood? Worried that your children will be placed in subpar public schools?

Are you conservative? And would you like move?

If you answered yes to these questions than Paul Chabot may be able to help.

Chabot, a 43-year-old Republican and native of Southern California, in recent years had become increasingly frustrated with what he saw as a liberal shift in his home state and the effects it was having on his family’s life. After two failed congressional runs, Chabot decided it was time to bail on the Golden State and move to the Lone Star State — specifically, Collin County in north Texas — in January.

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“When I was growing up in a Republican state, we had safe towns and great schools,” Chabot told Fox News. “But California has done a 180. It’s not a family-friendly state anymore so we decided to move to Texas.

When Chabot, his wife Brenda and their four children arrived in McKinney – a town about 30 miles north of Dallas – they realized that many of the 168,000-plus residents of the town had pulled up their own roots in California and headed to the Lone Star state.

That gave Chabot an idea.

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