BYUtv’s goes post-apocalyptic with new series ‘Extinct’

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Yorke Fryer, Victoria Atkin and Chad Michael Collins star in BYUtv’s second original scripted series, “Extinct.”

SALT LAKE CITY — BYUtv’s post-apocalyptic series about humans and aliens is a far cry from the Cold War-era “Granite Flats” that captivated audiences with its small town charm and schemes of espionage — but it’s compelling enough that it might just work.

“Extinct,” which premieres Sunday, Oct. 1, marks BYUtv’s second original scripted series. The show was created by “Ender’s Game” author Orson Scott Card and New York Times best-selling author Aaron Johnston.

The show picks up 400 years after the extinction of the human race, when a small group of humans are given the chance to restart their lives.

“Extinct” follows the journey of Ezra, Feena and Abram — Reborns who have been restored to the prime of their lives by an alien civilization called Originators. This requires significant adjustment for Abram, who was a grandfather when the alien invasion took place and wiped out human civilization.

The Originators, who want to restore the human race, reinstate the trio’s memories and alter their genes to increase chances of survival in the new environment. The aliens also inform the group that there’s a settlement with other Reborns not too far away.

As Ezra, Feena and Abram navigate their surroundings — a vast and picturesque…

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