Buyer Feedback Helps Home Sellers Fine Tune Appeal of Their Property, RE/MAX Reports

Sellers need to realize they aren’t competing against HGTV. Their competition is the other houses for sale in the neighborhood.

After a real estate broker lists a home for sale, a prime responsibility is learning what prospective buyers think of the property after visiting it. Gathering this information isn’t always easy, but it can be vital to selling the property.

Buyers and their brokers often look at many homes in a short period, and providing detailed feedback isn’t their top priority, but a conscientious listing broker works hard to get that information.

Feedback can be invaluable, according to Peggy Alexa of REMAX Synergy in Frankfort, Ill.

“Especially if a property has condition challenges, we can take steps to improve the home’s condition based on what buyers say, or maybe we need to adjust the price,” she said.

Depending on the property, feedback can be more or less important, but it is always useful, said Alexa.

“For example, if buyers consistently cite the layout of the home as a problem, there isn’t much you can do about it other than adjust the price,” she said. “If a home is priced right and in great condition, most of the feedback will be complimentary, which is great, but getting an offer is the ultimate goal.”

The longer a listing lingers on the market, the more valuable feedback becomes, according to Terrance Muse of RE/MAX Vision 212 in Chicago.

“In the current market, if a home has been listed for three weeks and is getting showings but isn’t attracting offers, that can be a cause for concern,” he said.

Muse recently worked with a rehabber who had done a great job upgrading an existing home but had replaced only some of the old windows.

“We were getting consistent feedback that the old windows were a…

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