Businessman who puts job applicants through snowflake test is the real snowflake

Congratulations Kyle Reyes. I’m officially naming you as the inaugural winner of my Business Jerk of the Month award. 

Mr Reyes, who if nothing else has quite the talent for self promotion, has created a huge fuss with his “Snowflake Test” that applicants for jobs with his company have to pass. 

The boss of US marketing outfit “The Silent Partner” has been all over the media taking aim at the moany millennials and brats he claims he is confronted with. 

So of course Rupert Murdoch’s conservative Fox News Channel, and its sibling Fox Business, had him in to opine on the subject. 

Mr Reyes insisted that his test is not political: “There can be conservative snowflakes”. It is simply designed to weed out people who “whine and complain and come to the table with an entitled attitude and an inability to back their perspective”. 

It all starts to fall apart when you watch his spiel on Fox & Friends (not being a snowflake myself, I did that, although I had to restrain myself from throwing up at one point). 

“Ever since the election cycle, people are split and not having rational, realistic conversations, so I want to understand how people make an opinion and stand by that,” he told the host, not unreasonably.  

“So what answer would disqualify them from a job?”

“An answer where you don’t know the difference between there, their and they’re from a spelling purpose (dude, I think you mean spelling perspective) and someone who is not proud to be an American.”

Right. It seems that while Mr Reyes says he wants people who are able to justify their opinions, and who can back their perspectives, he’s not so keen on people who have a perspective that differs from his. 

If your opinion is anything other than “I’m super proud to be an American” then you’re out. 

Of course, most Americans are proud to be Americans whatever their political stance. I happen to be fond of the place myself. Mr Reyes and me…

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