Brigsby Bear team on protecting the film’s secret twist

Saturday Night Live star Kyle Mooney and writer Dave McCary have been friends since the sixth grade. From YouTube videos to SNL sketches, these two have done just about everything together — including their new film, Brigsby Bear.

“We both have a love for movies, and that love kind of began around the same time, and we got to share that,” says Mooney, who co-wrote the film and stars as James, a man who loves the children’s program of the film’s title (though only later learns its nefarious origins). “So I think it’s something that we’ve always wanted to do. It was just kind of a matter of when it would happen.”

Choosing McCary to direct Brigsby was an obvious choice for Mooney, who’s known on SNL for his eccentric digital segments and offbeat characters. “Dave has directed me in mostly everything I’ve ever done. I trust him and he knows what I’m capable of. It just made sense. You know, it’s your first movie and you want to make sure you’re in good hands. When you’re in Dave’s hands, you feel good.”

With Brigsby Bear opening in select theaters Friday, Mooney and McCary spoke to EW about their experiences making and promoting the film.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What has it been like promoting this film and enticing people to see it while trying not to give any of the plot away?
KYLE MOONEY: We’ve always wanted it to be somewhat mysterious and for people to go into a theater not knowing too much. It’s just inevitable that people are going to; they can find out whatever information they want just based on things that have been written before. We always wanted it to be like the initial trailer Dave cut, where it’s basically just from the first 15 minutes of the movie.

DAVE MCCARY: I made that knowing that eventually they were going to make a trailer that showed the world that he enters. I wasn’t excited about the prospect of people going to this movie being a step ahead, but it’s a constant struggle. For people who…

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