Brazos Island, its unique legacy

The wind’s velocity was recorded by one anemometer, before it was blown off its anchorage, at 106 mph. An estimate of the wind peak was subsequently reported as 125 mph. The wind average for a sustained period was around 80 mph.

Barometers measured the storm’s low pressure at 28.02 inches or 948 millibars at Brownsville at 1 am on Monday, the 5th. These figures characterize the hurricane as a Category 3 one. It is listed as #31 of 65 of the most intense storms to hit Texas.

The elements created a tidal surge of 13 feet along Brazos and South Padre Islands. All dunes on the latter were flattened. South Padre Island had over 40 overflow channels cut in it to the Laguna Madre.

The marginal ranching on the south part of South Padre Island was abandoned forever after this storm. On Brazos Island some Valleyites had constructed summer cottages of wood on pilings. They were in residence because of the holiday weekend. Coast Guardsmen boated over to Boca Chica Beach to warn them of the coming storm.

Some fled immediately while others chose to ride out any storm. In a VMS 8/4/05 account Lorene Valdez…

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