Boy’s transformation from drug-addicted newborn to healthy toddler goes viral

A woman’s tweet about her young cousin’s transformation from a malnourished infant born addicted to opioids, to a healthy toddler, has inspired others to share similar stories about siblings and relatives. Blaine Hamilton, whose parents are in the process of formally adopting her cousin, Coleman, told Buzzfeed that the family is “awestruck” by the support they’ve received on Twitter.

Hamilton, of Alvord, Texas, told the news outlet that Coleman is her first cousin on her mother’s side, and that he has been living with them for 15 months. After the family was granted guardianship of him, Hamilton shared a series of photos that documented his struggle with pyloric stenosis, a stomach condition, and his ensuing months of recovery.


“Born w/ drug addicts as parents, neglected & weighing below birth wt @ 2 months old.. then my family took him n & look @ him now #FinallyOurs,” Hamilton tweeted on July 20.

“He was… malnourished and exposed to harmful drugs,” Hamilton’s mother, Kaysi, whose brother is Coleman’s father, told Buzzfeed. “He was taken by care flight to a children’s hospital at 8 weeks old.”

While acknowledging that welcoming an infant into their home was a difficult transition, the family is grateful that Coleman will grow up surrounded by biological family members, and thankful to their community who helped provide baby supplies.

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