Box Office: Tom Cruise’s ‘American Made’ To Get Trampled By ‘Kingsman’ Sequel

Saturday AM writethru after Friday 11:57 PM post: Tom Cruise’s American Made is looking to plant its flag at No. 1 with a $16.55M start, but the Doug Liman-directed 1980s-era CIA thriller is still in a dead heat with 20th Century Fox/MARV’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle ($16.5M), with New Line/Warner Bros’ It not too far behind at $16.2M; a very different B.O. landscape from what we saw at Friday midday. Tonight’s surge factor will likely dictate who comes out on top and rivals are divided on whether that’s Kingsman or American Made.

What happened here is that some, not many, have discovered American Made via decent word of mouth and a good Rotten Tomatoes score (87% Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes)The movie received a B+ CinemaScore on Friday night, which is the same grade earned by Cruise’s non-Mission:Impossible titles Edge of Tomorrow (also from Liman), last autumn’s Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Knight & Day, and Valkyrie. PostTrak shows a 55% definite recommend which is in the wheelhouse of Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow. 


However, duly note, a No. 1 $16M-plus take for a Tom Cruise movie is nothing to jump up and down on a couch about. It’s his lowest opening in close to five years, since Jack Reacher‘s $15M. Though it’s a great movie, American Made is coming in lower than last autumn’s critical displeasure Jack Reacher 2 which opened to more than its first chapter ($22.9M to $15.2M) and fizzled out with a 2.6x multiple ($58.7M). That’s likely the same leg factor here. Uni is hoping American Made legs out like Girl on the Train, but that’s a completely different movie altogether with a higher ($24.5M) opening, and a bestselling piece of chick lit that drove women to the theater. At the end, Girl earned a 3.1x multiple or $75.4M domestic. American Made nee Mena is original IP based on Gary Spinelli’s spec script which Uni shelled out $1M for three years ago. Outside of…

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