Bollinger unveils B1 electric sport utility truck

When an entirely new vehicle is revealed these days it’s only to be expected there will be a high degree of cutting-edge technology onboard, especially when it’s a brand new sport utility truck with an all-electric propulsion system we’re talking about. What we don’t expect is for all that tech to be wrapped up in a package that looks as though it could have come out of a war film set in the days of the Korean or Vietnam wars. But that’s what we’ve just been shown with the unveiling of the new B1 all-electric sport utility truck from New York’s Bollinger Motors.

For anyone who likes the idea of an electric vehicle that doesn’t exactly shout to the world that what they’re driving is an electric vehicle, in the way something like the Nissan Leaf does, the B1 could be the perfect solution. Despite its thoroughly modern all-electric powertrain, the B1 is a classic three-box design with unashamedly retro and minimalistic military styling.

Utility certainly isn’t a dirty word here as the B1 rides high, its knobbly mud tires scream off-road capability, and the overtly minimalist styling and flat surfaces tell us function is all-important here, and style — not so much. That’s reaffirmed inside with the sealed gauges and polyurethane-coated floor pans that look as though they can simply be hosed down when things get dirty, which they surely will with the B1.

The part that’s not so retro is the propulsion system. A choice of a 60- or 100-kWh battery pack and a couple of electric motors are used to power the B1 and provide as much as 360 horsepower and 472 lb.-ft. of torque. Even though aerodynamics are not a strong point of the B1, it doesn’t prevent it being surprisingly quick with 60 mph coming up from a standing start in just 4.5 seconds. If the 60-kWh battery pack is specified the Bollinger is claimed to offer 120 miles of driving range and can be recharged in 7.3 hours on a Level 2 charger, or 45 minutes on a DC fast charger. Upgrade to the 100-kWh battery pack and the…

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