Blog: Adios Maria. What’s Next?

This weather blog might actually have less than 10 images on it today  That would be the first time in weeks.  Things are quiet for us locally, but things are still active in the tropics.  After Maria’s winds brushed our coast yesterday, it is now moving well out to sea.  It was located over 260 miles to our east, and it was moving to the east/northeast at 5-10mph.

Maria On Satellite

The sustained winds had dropped to tropical storm strength since last night.  Maria will continue to weaken as it moves over cooler waters this weekend.

Track Of Maria

Meanwhile there are two other features in the tropics.  Hurricane Lee is still over the central Atlantic.  It is also forecast to move north over the cooler Atlantic waters over the next couple of days. It is no threat to land.

Tropical Satellite

It was a major hurricane for a while, but it has weakened since yesterday.  There is also a weak disturbance over Cuba that has a medium chance for formation over the next couple of days.  It would most likely stay well to our south.  However, it could bring some heavy rain to parts of Florida.  It could become a depression.  Stay tuned!  This has already been a record year in the tropics in many ways.  There is something that scientists use called Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) to gauge tropical activity.  That is the collective energy through the season from all tropical systems.  It takes account the duration of the wind from all systems in the Atlantic.  This September has had the highest on record.  If we get a few more systems (The season ends on November 1st), then we could beat 2005’s annual record.  Here is the article about it with more information: Record ACE for September.  Things were still going as the article was written.  Another record is the amount of damage that has happened in the U.S. alone.  So far Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria have caused about 200 millions dollars in damage.  That number will likely rise as assessments…

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