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Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are the pugilists of the fish keeping world. The Betta is a small creature with elaborate, filmy fins that float around their owner like silk.
The Betta comes in a variety of jewel tones. Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two are ever alike. These tiny treasures are indeed a masterpiece of creation.
However, this great beauty comes at a steep price. The exquisite Betta is aggressive to a ludicrous degree. These fish have never encountered anything they didn’t want to fight. This includes their humans. I cannot walk past my fish tank without three pairs of hostile fish eyes tracking my progress. The fins are flared, the gills puff out and the fish commences an elaborate dance which seems to say “Bring it on!” All of this from a fish barely an inch long.
This pugnacious behavior is not limited to humans. Anything within eyeshot of their tank is likewise threatened. My three are housed in a huge tank which is partitioned into individual bachelor quarters. If the Betta Boys ever come into actual physical contact they will fight to the death. Imagine that, two tiny, diaphanous fish fighting. How? Do they flap one another into submission with their fins? Do they shell each other with bubble streams? Do they have teeth of which I’m not aware? I’m completely mystified.
However the Betta clan may go to war, I’ll be vigilant in maintaining the uneasy truce at my household. The battlements will be closely monitored and carefully maintained. The bachelors will be mollified by delightful dinners and interesting adornments. I’ll continue to provide entertainment by running their bubble streams. .Hopefully this will keep them non-confrontational. I’m willing do what it takes. The alternative is horrifying—ridiculous but horrifying. I cringe when I imagine the spectacle of two jewel-toned, silk clad warriors not an inch long engaging in battle. With fins flapping and bubbles…

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