Benefits of Netherlands Offshore Company Incorporation

Netherlands in world’s 16th largest GDP country. It’s modern economy and financial system has been integrated with international financial system. Due to it’s reputation as world’s most reputed financial center, it has been a preferred location for foreign investors to invest with this country. Its political stability and beneficial tax regime have been attracting foreign industries to establish offshore business in Netherlands. Incorporating an offshore business is a straightforward process in Netherlands that provides a wide range of tax and corporate benefits to businesses.

Advantages of Netherlands offshore company formation:

With Netherlands business, a business can grow efficiently in short time out of European Union(EU). Country’s legislation provides improved Dutch corporations to be used in structuring international business entities. Dutch corporation owns an extremely wide network of double taxation treaties and taxation policy conformity to OECD standards. Foreign businesses are exempted from income tax and tax on capital gain in Dutch legislation.

Reduced tax liability
Asset protection
Flexible business law
Protection against any law suit
East of operation
Low incorporation cost

Steps to incorporate offshore business:

1. Get a clear idea of why you want to incorporate offshore? Do you want to protect assets or want tax relaxations? Do you really want to involve in Netherlands business. Also set up your budget at initial stage.
2. Select the location for business establishment. This decision many not be easy. It all depends upon investors’ personal needs like their home country, budget and type of business they want to engage in. Choose a self governing jurisdiction that can provide strong layer of asset protection and privacy.
3. Most of the people involved in offshore corporation also want offshore banking services in the same country for their wealth management. By opening an offshore bank account, their money can move freely anywhere in the world. Taking banking services is not essential, but it is preferable.
4. Hire an offshore consultants. They make it easier to set up an overseas business and selection of right location for business. They also help client in obtaining finance for their business setup. Further, they assist clients in many issues like business website development, advertising and to set up Netherlands virtual office. Unlike ordinary office, virtual office do not any physical premises. It can be established in any location of Netherlands. This not only helps in controlling business activities, but also cut down the cost of business operation.

Act-offshore is a leading offshore consultant located in Netherlands. Based on their past experience and knowledge, they assists their clients in establishing Netherlands offshore company and Netherlands virtual office according to their needs. Order your company now.

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