Bel Air Police officer becomes pastor at Fallston church

Harvest Community Church in Fallston had fallen on hard times. With a dwindling congregation and other factors, something had to happen and some tough decisions would have to be made.

At the church’s start in the late 1990s, things seemed to be going pretty well for the small church along the rolling hills of Route 152 in Fallston. Norm Meadows, who along with his wife, Barb, were charter members, recalls the small sanctuary being filled with up to 100 folks looking to hear the good message each Sunday.

Over time, with people becoming increasingly busy with life in general and folks “maybe looking for more of a feel good message rather than preaching straight from the Bible,” Meadows said, the weekly congregation started to dwindle.

Numbers began to decrease with some Sundays only seeing a handful of people attending service. Church leadership knew something had to be done, so they set out to find a new pastor to help get things back on track.

Meadows recalled during a recent interview how his wife had been in Bel Air for some errands last year and came across two Bel Air Police officers. After some quick conversation she asked one of the officers about family friend Matt Gullion, an officer with the Bel Air Police Department, who she knew also was a youth pastor and studying at Lancaster Bible College. The officer agreed to pass along her husband’s number to Gullion.

“I had completed a memorial service at Upper Chesapeake [Medical Center] for sheriff’s deputies [Patrick] Dailey and [Mark] Logsdon,” Gullion recalled. The two deputies were shot to death in the line of duty in February 2016.

“I said to my wife, ‘I really wish I could minister to people like I got to do at this memorial service, that’s really what I feel called to do, speaking to people and sharing the truth with them, but relevant truth, not just pounding something into them. Let’s make…

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