Beauty product of the week: Ultraceutical Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex

This serum is one of the best ways to protect your skin this summer.

Why we love this product

This is a recent discovery of mine and I’m so happy I managed to find this product in time for summer.

It’s a type of serum that contains a concentrated form of antioxidants. The long list includes Provitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. These antioxidants fight back against the free radicals that oxidise and kill our cells. And since cell death leads to ageing, this pack of antioxidants actively slows down the process of ageing.

It’s not a traditional anti-ageing serum in that it doesn’t actually reverse any ageing that has already occurred. Instead, it reduces the rate of further skin damage, which would lead to further ageing. As a result, anyone can use this serum, not just those with mature skin.

I’m a very outdoorsy person in summer. I love the beach and I love going for walks. Unfortunately, being outdoors means being exposed to the harsh Australian sun. And sun exposure is one of the quickest ways to age your skin.

But this serum can put your sun damage worries to rest – well, most of them anyway. The high concentration of antioxidants boosts your skin’s ability to fight off the aggressors that cause sun damage. According to the product description: “[the serum] provides superior environmental protection against photoaging”.

I wear this serum underneath my current daily moisturiser and a sunscreen. This product is designed to work in addition to sunscreen, so there’s no point in using it if you’re not also going to use some sort of sun protection.

I really love this product and it’s great to know that you’re doing that little bit extra to protect your skin from the sun.


At $89 this is not the most affordable product. But if you spend a lot of time outside in the sun, then this product is really worth it.

Where you can get it

Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex is available at

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