BAZIS Unveils A New, Luxurious Website For Toronto Real Estate Developments

When it comes to designing living spaces, luxury real estate developer BAZIS is renowned for their utmost attention to detail. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the same commitment to excellence would be on display with the launch of their new website.

Design coupled with the use of technology to create a site offering a user-friendly experience was the goal BAZIS had in mind when deciding on a redesign. Typically, new condo developments have their branding mixed amongst information meant for their target clientele, often creating confusion and complicating the user experience. BAZIS decided to do something unique for the Toronto real estate market, and streamline this experience by standardising how all real estate developments are displayed, ensuring floor plans are available for quick viewing, and can be downloaded for reference.

Visitors to the new website can now view new Toronto residential and commercial real estate within a user-friendly interface, while unencumbering BAZIS ability to showcase their signature branding. The new website is fully responsive and intuitive, allowing users to access it from any device without limiting mobility, or requiring compatible devices or programs to view the content.

Another aspect of the site, designed with user experience in mind, was the contact forms. In keeping the forms short and simple, interested buyers can now easily communicate with BAZIS by answering pertinent questions. As a result of this shift, the BAZIS real estate team can now actively engage clients on follow up, ask relevant, meaningful questions, and direct them to the real estate developments that meet their criteria.

Perhaps the most significant change in the BAZIS website redesign is the removal of the search function….

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