Bakery, sandwich shop Artisan Kaiser opens in Patchogue

If you like some of the guesswork taken out of your sandwich order — or are even just a bread purist — a new bakery-café due in Patchogue has your back.

Artisan Kaiser opens Friday at 6 a.m. on the ground floor of New Village at Patchogue, and its sandwiches come on one type of bread only: Hand-knotted kaiser rolls that are baked on premises.

“We were looking for something that goes well with a sandwich menu, and also with which we could set ourselves apart,” said Frank Dalba, co-owner and brand/retail manager of Artisan Kaiser.

The signature starlike pattern atop kaiser rolls, which originated in Austria, is made by tying the dough into a knot before baking — but in commercial baking, that pattern is often achieved via stamping. “Not many people are hand-tying anymore,” Dalba said. “This creates a layered texture similar to a garlic knot, and our rolls stay soft, unlike some commercial versions.”

The 40-seat Artisan Kaiser has a rustic-industrial look, and Alba said he and his partner, kitchen manager Paul Hess, were shooting for a vibe “somewhere between Panera and a bagel shop.” Both came to kaiser rolls through food-related pursuits: Dalba worked as an accountant for a commercial bread manufacturer, while Hess was a hobby baker while pursuing a degree in finance. The pair met at a part-time job, “where we became friends and were looking to start a business venture together,” Dalba said.

Artisan Kaiser’s menu is focused on soups and salads as well as breakfast…

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