Bad pet owners, not pit bulls to blame for Edmonton dog-on-dog attacks, expert says – Edmonton

Irresponsible pet owners, not pit bulls, are to blame for a rise in dog-on-dog attacks in Edmonton, says the former president of the Alberta Veterinary Association.

City reports reveal that American Staffordshire terriers  — one of several breeds commonly known as pit bulls — are the worst offenders in fatal dog-on-dog attacks in the past five years. The deadly attacks have some pet owners calling for new restrictions on so called “bully breeds.”

But breed specific legislation would not reduce the number of attacks, said Louis Kwantes, a Sherwood Park veterinarian.

“It can look like a smoking gun, but it’s a little bit of a leap to decide that it’s strictly because of the legislation that there is an increased number of attacks,” Kwantes told CBC’s Edmonton AM.

“Honestly, it’s more of a people problem than a dog problem. We do support protection from dangerous and vicious dogs. But we’re taking it too far to paint all animals from one breed as the same.”

Pit bulls, huskies, German shepherds top list

During the past five years, more than a dozen different breeds — from pit bulls to border collies — were responsible for reported dog-on-dog attacks in Edmonton. But pit bulls, huskies and German shepherds were the top three worst offenders, respectively.

American Staffordshire terriers were responsible for for 23 of the 81 fatal dog-on-dog attacks reported between January 2013 and September 2017, according to city statistics.

Of the 31 fatal dog attacks reported in 2016, American Staffordshire terriers were listed as the worst offenders with nine fatal attacks, followed by unknown breeds at six and huskies at five.

Huskies were blamed for the most attacks in 2015. There were a total of 13 fatal dog-on-dog attacks that year, and huskies were responsible for three. American Staffordshire terriers were responsible for two, and Labrador retrievers were blamed for two.


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