Backtalk: Times readers sound off on Richard Sherman, Ichiro and new UW women’s coach Jody Wynn

Backtalk: Letters to the Sports Editor.


Marks, Cracraft worth a shot

The Seahawks don’t need to draft wide receivers, because they are blessed with great ones. But in the late rounds or in free agency, WSU’s Gabe Marks and, to a slightly lesser degree, River Cracraft seem to be good possession receivers.

Both have great reflexes, quick moves to get free, secure hands, run good routes and “sell out” to catch everything.

They might not have the Combine measurables to match other big-name receivers, but they made Luke Falk look like Tom Brady last year. Good luck in 2017 without these two, Luke.

Angel Hewit, Issaquah

Keep Sherman around

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I certainly would want Richard Sherman in the first game of the season, when the Seahawks face Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers. That way they don’t get twice as lit up.

Blue Max (online commenter)

Do your job, Sherman

Poor Richard Sherman, who reportedly has requested that the Seahawks trade him. Me thinks his hat size is not adequate for his head anymore. He has so many grievances these days. Grow up, Richard. You are blessed with God-given talent and make more money than most of us can dream of.

In return you owe Seahawks fans your best, and you’re not giving it when you are unhappy. Do your job, and be an example that kids can really look up to.

Don Curtis, Stanwood


Bring back Ichiro

Just watched Ichiro hit a home run against the Mariners on Wednesday. I sure hope that Seattle management will see fit to bring him home to retire his number as a Mariner — and eventually install a statue of him. No matter which team he plays for, he’ll always be, first and foremost, a Mariner.

Brenda Sartoris, Richland

Rooting for Ichiro

I don’t normally root for opposing teams’ players but Ichiro … oh, yeah! The home run was incredible. Maybe best of all, he referred to Seattle as “home.”

Richard B. Ellenberger, Normandy Park

UW basketball

A tough act to follow for Wynn

While reading Matt Calkins’ column advising patience with new UW women’s basketball coach Jody Wynn, I said “I agree” out loud several times.

Wynn does have the unenviable task of following the recent accomplishments of Kelsey Plum and the entire women’s team.

In what might be poetic justice, the $1 million penalty that Mike Neighbors must pay after bolting for Arkansas should cover the first two years of her salary.

Raymond S. Wilson, Bellevue

Good first impression

I watched Jody Wynn’s introductory news conference and came away impressed. She was articulate, funny, self-deprecating and, most important, clearly conveyed her coaching and teaching philosophy. And she wants to be here.

I didn’t know anything about Jody Wynn before the announcement, but she seems like a great fit for UW.

husky48759 (online commenter)

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