Baby Elephant Dies At Zoo After Mother Rejects Her

A baby elephant at The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium died Wednesday, local news outlets like WPXI reported. Caretakers tried to save the elephant after her mother rejected her. The calf was born premature June 6 and was unable to nurse. Ultimately, zookeepers made the decision to euthanize the elephant after she didn’t regain her health.

A female African elephant stays in her mother’s womb for 645 days. The Pittsburg elephant, however, was born at 615 days. She weighed 184 pounds when she was born, which is more than 50 pounds below average. Her mother didn’t have any milk and disowned her.

“Our hearts are broken, it’s just devastating,” Dr. Barbara Baker, the zoo’s president and CEO, said in a statement. “She touched so many people in such a short time. We did everything we possibly could to care for her, but unfortunately in the end, it just wasn’t enough.”

When the baby elephant stopped eating because she was teething, zookeepers tried to keep her alive with a feeding tube. The baby elephant, who was apparently never named, started to act like her “feisty” self in the beginning. Even though it worked at first, the elephant did not gain a significant amount of weight.

The zoo spoke with international experts to see how they could help the baby.  At first, the officials said it was typical for elephants to lose weight when they were born.

A baby elephant died a Pittsburgh zoo after she was born premature and unable to nurse. Photo: Getty Images

“When we spoke with them, they assured us that it was a normal occurrence for calves who are teething to not have an appetite and to lose weight,” Baker said. “But they also warned us that sometimes the little calves can’t recover from the weight loss and they pass away as a result.”

A cause of death for the calf was not immediately known. IT will take several weeks for the autopsy to come back.

“When the calf did not gain weight, we began to suspect a genetic abnormality or some type…

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