B.L. Lantz’s New Book “Chaos in the Household 1” is an Enjoyable and Educational Guide to Raising Children, Grandchildren and Being a Caretaker

B.L. Lantz, a retired teacher, mother, grandmother, devoted writer and author, has completed her newest endeavor, “Chaos in the Household 1”. B.L Lantz is also the author of the “Chaos in the Classroom” series.

“Chaos in the Household 1” is a unique handbook to parenting and being a caretaker. This work twists in various philosophies and adapts a Christian belief to the raising of children.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, B.L. Lantz’s guidebook is the perfect addition to any parent, grandparent or caretaker’s book collection!

Lantz shares, “’Chaos in the Household 1’ is the first book I have written about my own experiences as a mother, grandmother, and caretaker! Even though I graduated with a master’s degree in counseling from Northern Illinois University, I still think I had a lot of learning to do when raising my own children and stepchildren! I have heard many people say it is more fun entertaining your grandchildren that your own children, and they were correct! Maybe it was because as a grandmother Nonee, the caretaker, I did not have to enforce strict discipline, just change their diapers and feed, play and laugh with them!

“I wished I had been able to read a book such as this when I was raising my own children and stepchildren! I think I would have been more empathetic mother and stepmother! As a grandmother I have watched my daughter use the philosophy of Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay, where my grandchildren were given the opportunity to utilize choices by choosing what they wanted! Instead of using the word no, my daughter said, ‘Uh-oh!’ and it seemed my grandchildren were conditioned enough to stop what they were doing long enough to be redirected! This was amazing to me, and I also followed…

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