Awesome Cruises for Scuba Divers

PHOTO: A group of scuba divers. (photo by Gary Crow)

Scuba diving from cruise ships is an ideal way to try out multiple dive destinations in one trip.

Whether you want a sailing where the diving requires little advance planning, or you prefer to schedule all your dives yourself, here’s a roundup of cruises and cruise lines that are ideal for scuba divers.

Expedition Cruises with Diving

The term “live-aboard” diving is a familiar one to most scuba divers. It invokes images of twelve to twenty hard-core divers in the water as much as humanly possible while the boat moves from reef to reef in an all-diving atmosphere at hard-to-reach-any-other-way locations.

This is not that.

MORE Cruise Line & Cruise Ship

Expedition cruises are a happy medium between more traditional cruises and the live-to-dive boats. Expect a pace that allows you to explore both under water and above with the aid of expert expedition leaders. Also, expect onboard amenities similar to a traditional cruise, but on a much smaller scale and in a far more relaxed atmosphere.

Look at Zegrahm Expeditions for cruises in Australia and the South Pacific that include scuba diving. They have a Great Barrier Reef sailing onboard the 42-passenger Coral Expeditions II next year that could help you cross the GBR off your dive bucket list. 

Linblad Expeditions offers cruises in the South Pacific and French Polynesia aboard the National Geographic Orion. Along with 101 other passengers, you can take in the reefs, wildlife and culture of these islands with the help of Linblad’s expert guides.

Traditional Cruises 

If you prefer a more traditional cruise, there are plenty of options for getting to and below the waves at destinations far removed from the ordinary.

Looking to scuba dive French Polynesia, the Marquesas or maybe Vanuatu? Check out at Paul Gauguin Cruises. This luxury line has only one ship, but…

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