Automatic Swarm of Ephemeral Servers Extract Text to Improve NASA Astronaut Safety

V! Studios

By decoupling the OCR text extraction function using Lambda’s serverless framework within GovCloud, we can now extract text from documents in a fraction of the time and cost.” – Cuong Nguyen, NASA EVA Project Manager

V! Studios, a creative technologies company, has developed a new high-speed, low-cost cloud-based solution for optical character recognition (OCR) and text extraction. Standard OCR software extracts text as a page-by-page serial task while the V! Studios solution coordinates an ephemeral server to process each page. Using hundreds of ephemeral servers operating in parallel, the system completes a scan for hundreds of pages in minutes.

V! Studios developed its text extraction engine “SOCRATES” (Serverless Optical Character Recognition And Text Extraction System) to assist businesses and enterprises to quickly identify and discover information within document repositories. The product provides a quick and cost-effective service, enabling text extraction in a cloud workflow while maintaining data security. Upon learning of V! Studios’ efforts, NASA realized the potential of the technology to solve an existing problem.

The Extravehicular Activity (EVA) group at NASA’s Johnson Space Center faced the challenge challenge of converting a massive amount of spacesuit safety and test documentation into an easily searchable database. Although their existing OCR procedure was cloud-based, the serial text extraction process significantly slowed the workflow.

“When I learned V! Studios was developing a serverless OCR solution, I immediately saw the potential benefit for a current problem in our cloud-based data integration application. By decoupling the OCR text extraction function using Lambda’s…

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