Author Tabor Hermon’s Newly Released “Miracles of Simple People” Inspires Readers by Sharing the Stories of Everyday Miracles Experienced by Average People

“Miracles of Simple People”: a collection of everyday miracles experienced by average people. “Miracles of Simple People” is the creation of published author, Tabor Hermon. Tabor Hermon is sixty-one years old. He is an avid reader who walks frequently. He talks about politics and religion a lot and wonders why he gets in arguments. He enjoys nature very much. Water is an unusual attraction to Tabor Hermon, which makes him think he should have been a fish. He is a vegetarian. He enjoys classic rock music with clean, positive lyrics. He plays guitar and sings, mostly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

“We all have miracles. Not claiming anything special. No one is better than anyone else. Miracles are not understood by us, however, it is just another occurrence to God. You will gain a lot of inspiration from these stories. You are not alone! Simple people feel the same in their heart as they act outwardly.” –Tabor Hermon

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Tabor Herman’s new book is a collection of miracles by average people.

The Faithful believe the Bible was inspired by God. Others feel it is a fairy tale. All agree it was written by man, yet no person could conceive of all the miracles recorded in the Bible. What really matters is being saved and going to Heaven.

Everyone has experienced some kind of miracle. Miracles may seem uncommon, but they are not. Miracles are the things God does on a daily basis that people cannot understand. “Miracles of Simple People” shares the untold miracles experienced by average people.

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