Author Reda Kimble’s Newly Released “Princess Divine” Is A Collection Of Short Stories Detailing The Adventures Of A Sin Slayer Named Princess Divine.

“Princess Divine”: the adventures of sin slayer Princess Divine. “Princess Divine” is the creation of published author, Reda Kimble. Reda Kimble is a devout Christian who has a passion for children and God. She has many nieces and nephews, including her niece Chelsea whom she raised as her own. In 2014, Reda started a ministry for women called Women in Transition to Glory Services, Inc. She has many years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker working with children. She has also worked with young people at her local church for many years. Her greatest accomplishment in life was accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

“Welcome to the Princess Divine series. This is a series of short stories that introduce children to God, the perils of sin, the power of praying God’s word, and righteous living.” –Reda Kimble

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Reda Kimble’s new book welcomes readers to the Princess Divine series.

“Princess Divine” is a series of short stories that introduces children to God, the perils of sin, the power of praying God’s Word, and righteous living. Common sins, such as adultery, homosexuality, fornication, greed, lying, pride, pornography, and drug addiction, that plague the world and destroy families are explored in a unique and captivating way.

Author Reda Kimble was inspired to write these stories when the Lord provided her with an important revelation in January, 2012. God impressed upon her heart the need to meditate on His Word, so it would manifest itself in the natural realm. The faithful do battle in the spiritual realm, not in the natural. He further revealed to the writer that power comes from the Word: speak the Word, think on the Word, and act on the Word. May all children aspire to be a sin…

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