Author Michael Lee Johnson’s Newly Released “GOD-JESUS-WILD HORSES” Is the Story of an Unbreakable Spirit That Survived a Childhood of Severe Abuse and Torture

“GOD-JESUS-WILD HORSES”: a chronicle of the abuse endured by the author and his unbreakable spirit. “GOD-JESUS-WILD HORSES” is the creation of published author, Michael Lee Johnson. Michael Lee Johnson is a U.S. Army combat veteran who grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma. He became a welder and fabricator after his tour in Vietnam. He worked on land and offshore oil rigs. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder interfered in his daily life to the point it became necessary for Michael to seek inpatient treatment. Numerous inpatient stays did little to relieve the intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and general anxiety felt by this veteran due to the underlying issues that were never treated, namely his horrific childhood experiences. In October of 2015, he began his first treatment session for childhood related issues. He currently resides in Northeastern Illinois with his family. His free time is spent fishing, metal detecting, and reading as well as enjoying his other passions. Mr. Johnson is fortunate enough to live in an area surrounded by lakes, so he is able to spend his days catching Bass and Northern pike. His metal detector works underwater to a depth of three hundred feet, which provides numerous opportunities for treasure hunting.

“My therapist asked me to write down my thoughts and when I started, I could not stop. I wrote and wrote and the more I wrote, the more memories and intrusive thoughts would come to mind. It was as if I didn’t have any choice in this matter, I had to get the thoughts out of my head and onto paper; otherwise, I was sure I would go completely insane. The more I wrote, the more I was encouraged by my treatment team to publish my writings. My primary goal in publishing is to help others that did go through similar…

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