Author James Fox’s Newly Released “God Uses An Ignorant And Unlearned Man” Reminds Readers That Anyone Willing to Spend Time With the Almighty Can Do His Work

“God Uses An Ignorant And Unlearned Man”: a powerful reminder that God will work through anyone who is willing to learn His face. “God Uses An Ignorant And Unlearned Man” is the creation of published author, James Fox. Jim Fox and his wife, Tana, oversee Foxes of Fire Ministries and minister throughout the Midwest as well as outside of the country. They have been married for twenty-six years with one son. They currently reside in Terre Haute, Indiana.

“The name of the book describes the man; the testimony of the man in this book describes our powerful God. An ignorant and unlearned man has to rely on God and has to give him all the glory. It is not how much you know, but how well you know the One dwelling within you.” — James Fox

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, James Fox’s new book shares the workings of the Lord through an ignorant and unlearned man.

“God Uses An Ignorant And Unlearned Man” is the story of a man who has no theological training or college education of any kind. He has made many mistakes in his life. God is, however, using him in powerful ways. The Father called him ignorant and unlearned, but reminded him that others said similar things about the apostles.

Their only true qualification was their time spent with Jesus. By spending time with his Savior through prayer, fasting, repentance, and forgiveness, by studying the Word of God, this man came to be used by the Heavenly Father. Father will use anyone, ignorant or not, when they spend time getting to know Him.

View a synopsis of “God Uses An Ignorant And Unlearned Man” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “God Uses An Ignorant And Unlearned Man” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.


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