Australian comedian Chris Lilley attacked over race video

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Chris Lilley apologised for the timing of the video, but not its content

A leading Australian comedian has apologised after a video of him posing in blackface was posted on his Instagram account.

Social media users had criticised Chris Lilley, the star of TV show Summer Heights High.

In the video, taken from a 2009 show, Lilley poses as a black rapper and sings a song called Squashed N**ga.

It was posted days after the end of a court case focusing on an indigenous boy who was run over and killed.

Lilley did not apologise for the content of the video or for appearing in blackface. The character, a rapper named S Mouse, is from his mockumentary show Angry Boys, which has aired in the UK on BBC Three.

Instead, he apologised for the timing of the post, saying on Twitter that it was “not connected in any way to current news stories”.

After the video was posted, Lilley’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages were closed. His Twitter account was later set up again for him to post his apology.

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Protests after the Elijah Doughty verdict have taken place in Melbourne and other Australian cities

The video was posted days after a controversial verdict in the case of Elijah Doughty, a 14-year-old from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia who died after being run over last August.

The clip began with Lilley in blackface sprawled across the ground, apparently having been struck.

In the Doughty case, a…

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