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For delivering your meetings, presentations, strategic messages, and training and build a knowledge base over the web, Web Broadcasting is a cost-effective and dynamic way. Web Broadcasting uses rich media technology. This means your audiences have a neatly packaged, branded screen right on their desktop using any standard browser and they will see and hear live video, audio and graphics from a computer (including software applications). In the ability to communicate and learn, there are three forms of communication – audio, visual and kinesthetic. Web Broadcasting incorporates interactivity and user-controlled navigation options and all three of these ways of processing information.

On the Internet, Audio Broadcast Live, content is not as difficult as people would think. In fact, it is extremely easy. All you need is an audio or video source, enough upload bandwidth to cover the broadcasting of the content and a way of getting the audio or video to the PC, a free software program supplied by Microsoft. This gives a wide scope to a product or content to reach millions of people browsing the internet all around the world. This has recently become one of the most popular techniques to promote. Previously it was a difficult task but now with the emergence of Audio Broadcast Live, things have become easy.

Video webcast is one of the best ways to increase your sales and make more money. To increase your sales, this is one of the smartest things you can do. you probably dismissed the technology as rudimentary and the cost as so pricey only the ‘big guys’ could afford it, if you looked at webcasting, say, a year or two ago. In the webcasting industry in 2004, things changed dramatically so much so that you can safely predict video webcast is in your future. Augmenting your sales was never this easy. You can really make a big difference by making use of this technology.

Windows Media Hosting is yet another feature namely live streaming. The content has to already exist encoded in various formats for smooth streaming. However, the content delivery has to be immediate and on the fly for live streaming. In addition, from that of smooth streaming local content, the delivery patterns for live streaming are very different. In a short period of time, large audiences typically watch live streaming events. In addition, when a network interruption occurs, people do not like to have frames skipped. By the component of IIS 7 Integrated Media Platform, which works with Silverlight clients on the browser, factors like those that this are addressed in Windows Media Hosting?

For local unsigned bands that previously were reserved to the very fortunate, sometimes less talented bands that had the great fortune to be seen by a record executive an signed to a distribution and touring contract, the internet has opened up vast new worlds like Payperview. Many of those things have changed with the popularity of the Internet. To put out professional quality recording that…

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