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At top is a photo by Joe Gerencher of the Aug. 21 partial solar eclipse; and above, from left, are Henner Fahrenbach, Joe Gerencher, Bill Dellinges with his special solar telescope and Paul Cechovic. “Joe took the picture through my telescope by putting his smartphone on the telescope’s eyepiece – something called afocal photography – a very simple way to take a picture of the sun, moon, planets, etc. There are more efficient ways to do it and get better results,” Mr. Dellinges said in an e-mailed response to questions. Below, volunteers with the Superstition Mountain Astronomical League gave a public viewing of the Aug. 21 partial solar eclipse at the Bashas’ in Gold Canyon.

Our astronomy club, the Superstition Mountain Astronomical League, gave a public viewing of the Aug. 21 partial solar eclipse at the Bashas’ shopping center, 5310 S. Superstition Mountain Drive in Gold Canyon.
This is something we love to do. We never charge for our “services.” We try to set up telescopes for the public anytime there is an “astronomical happening.”

It is a small astronomy club in the Gold Canyon area with about 20 members. In our club charter, we mention one thing besides stargazing for ourselves: to educate the public about astronomical matters and share with them the wonders of the universe, planets, stars, eclipses, transits (Venus and Mercury passing across the sun – rare events) via inviting them to our star parties at Dutchman Park and Peralta Elementary School (one star party a month, alternating at those venues each month excluding summer months).

We have been doing this since about 2008.

The club meets 10 a.m.-noon Fridays at the Gold Canyon Fire Station, 7557 E. U.S. Highway 60, near Montesa. Visitors and guests are welcome.

The club’s website is Note under the top banner photo of the mountain at the website it states the new 2017-18 schedule of star parties will be posted in early September, but you can get an idea…

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