Assisi Animal Health Shares Factors to Consider When Buying Dog Toys

PINEHURST, N.C., March 30, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Due to the massive variety of availability in the pet market, Assisi Animal Health, developer of the Assisi Loop®, an effective non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory device (NPAID®) that works as PEMF therapy for dogs, shares factors to consider when buying dog toys.

Playing with a dog is one of the many joys of being a pet owner. However, many pet owners may not understand the importance of selecting the right toy. These factors should always be considered when purchasing toys for a dog.

  1. Safety. First and foremost, dog toys should always be safe for the pet. Although most pet owners will usually consider this factor when buying a toy, the dangers of certain toys are not always apparent or well known. Ensure that toys like balls and bones are large enough so that they cannot be swallowed and cause choking. Make sure that “squeakers” cannot be easily removed from the toy and cause a choking hazard. Additionally, toys like rawhide chews can contain chemicals that can be harmful to canine health; never give dogs toys containing harsh chemical ingredients. Do not buy a chewy that isn’t made in the USA, as the cheaper, foreign varieties can contain harmful chemicals, such as arsenic.
  2. Age. Buying a toy for a puppy is vastly different than buying for a senior dog. When buying for puppies, toys made of plush fabrics or soft rubber are more compatible with their baby teeth but turdy enough to withstand “puppyhood.” Once puppies begin teething, hard rubber should be avoided so that the teeth aren’t damaged. After teething, a dog’s jaw will be strong enough to manage harder rubber toys, ropes, and balls. For senior dogs, softer toys like sticks are an ideal option, as both their jaw and tooth strength will be reduced.
  3. Breed. This factor can sometimes be overlooked by pet owners. A full-grown Mastiff is not going to play with the same toys as a full-grown Chihuahua. Depending on the breed…

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