Arts and crafts still for adults

When most people hear the term “arts and crafts,” they are reminded of childhood.

They might reimagine a time where they could play with colors, textures and all types of materials to create something different and special. This would usually be something that would be given to a friend or parent as a gift or token of affection.

Nevertheless, times have changed. As we have grown older, many of us have lost that creative spark; however, just because the activity was done in grade school does not mean it cannot still hold value and importance in our current lives. This is because engaging in art has always been a great way to develop our self-expression.

As we age, many of us find that there are less and less opportunities to include our own take on things into our work. These times can range from work to school assignments, and even into our home lives. Creating art allows for each of us to show others how we see things. It enables us to have a sense of freedom to show our perspective without fear of failure or even judgment.

Adult coloring books have gained popularity for their therapeutic aspects. Photo by Coraline Pettine.

Because of art’s subjective nature, it is also a way for us to relax. Yes, we all miss having a time dedicated to napping in the day. Although we may not get that back, we can still take back some time for ourselves in this way. Crafting and creating art in the day can be a great way to unwind from all of our other pressures in life.

It allows us to still feel productive while also letting us escape in a way. And after it is all said and done, we end up with something that maybe we never had before.

Coloring and magazine collages are great, but doing crafts as an adult does come with perks. DIY projects, or do it yourself projects, are basically the new and more adult approach to crafts.

These DIY crafts can include art, décor, decorative storage and even building furniture. With endless possibilities, there is no reason why…

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