Artist of the Year: Theater Top 10s

From a list of 77 nominees, the following 10 students have been named finalists for the 2017 Artist of the Year in theater. The students were chosen by a panel of teachers from based on applications, performance videos and artistic résumés.

Included are the facets of theater they engage in as well as quotes about how they relate to their craft.

Theater artists include comedic and dramatic actors, musical theater performers, directors, designers, playwrights and technicians.

The final round of adjudication will take place over the next few weeks, during which the students will be interviewed by a panel of distinguished artistic professionals and faculty members from Southern California universities as well as a few representative high school teachers. Interviews will include a live presentation by the students followed by a question-and answer-session. One student from each of the seven disciplines – theater, dance, instrumental music, vocal music, film, 2D visual art and 3D visual art – will then be named a 2017 Artist of the Year.

The Artists of the Year will be announced Thursday, April 20, with full profiles appearing Sunday, April 23, in The Orange County Register.

Matt Davies-Morris, senior, Tesoro High School

comedic/dramatic acting

“When I was in fourth grade, a girl that I had a crush on told me that she was joining the school musical. Naturally, I decided to join as well. Although, instead of falling in love with her, I fell in love with performing. I was only the ensemble in that show, but I decided to return the next year. As the years continued, I couldn’t help but find whatever audition I could in or outside of school.”

Yoomi Kim, senior, Orange County School of the Arts

comedic/dramatic acting, musical theater performance

“I want to focus on impacting the audience and the people through my work. The extravagance and luxury of Broadway are all great, inspiring aspects, but my goal is to make people feel something through…

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