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Multi-layered, multi-faceted thoughtful work, full of nuance and challenging physicality.

Image: Marshall Stay

Densely packed with concepts, executed with skill, Arteries by Ancestry is a challenging piece of disjointed and abstract physical theatre, providing each spectator the opportunity to assemble their individually experienced impressions.

In a time and place slightly removed from the here and now, Avery’s ancestors are an illustrious line of high-profile environmentalist leaders. In the footsteps of his father and grandfather, he is raised to tower at the head of society, deliver thundering speeches and set a shining example for society. His father’s demands are echoed by his own celebrity from being born into the family, setting him firmly on the prescribed path. Young Avery meets beautiful medical student Sebastian, sharing their dreams in intimate moments of young love. Avery’s father demands obedience and hypermasculine displays of “strength” from his son, cutting him off from Sebastian. After years apart, each pursuing their separate careers, Avery attends a medical check-up. In the midst of their reunion, Sebastian confronts Avery with his denial of his hopes and dreams, discovering a hidden family weakness inherited with the bombastic displays of “strength”.


Performed as a series of independent and fragmented moments, the narrative is secondary to the displays of vulnerability, anger and expectation that cleave the characters…

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