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Q. Hello Honk. Yesterday I drove by a Knott’s Berry Farm parking lot, and there was a sea of yellow school buses. What caught my eye was that some of them had the word “SCHOOL” covered up on the buses. And some did not. I see this each summer. What is the rule about this?

Mario Luna, Anaheim

A. Good day, Mario.

School buses aren’t supposed to go more than 55 mph on the freeway or go into the carpool lane, said Officer Tino Olivera, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol out of the Santa Ana office.

So if a school bus wants to convert to a charter bus, and have more liberty on the freeways, it must cover up “SCHOOL” and those special flashing red lights it has.

Further, if it has that arm that swings out with a stop sign on it, that must be removed.

Perhaps the buses you saw that didn’t have “SCHOOL” covered up were in fact acting as school buses that day, operators forgot to convert them, or they just decided to obey by the more-restrictive school bus laws mandated by the state.

Q. Honk: My wife was stopped at a red light and an uninsured motorist with an unregistered car hit her car from behind, causing a lot of damage to my wife’s car. An Anaheim patrolman made a report, and then the driver was allowed to leave. I thought California law required the police to impound the man’s car.

Bill McAulay, Fullerton

A. Let’s take a look at California law, Bill, with the help of Sgt. Daron Wyatt, a spokesman for Anaheim P.D.

“We MAY impound, but only if the registration is expired for more than six months,” he said in an email. “There is NO requirement to impound.

“There is no statute that allows us to impound a car for someone who is driving without insurance,” the good sergeant went on to say. “There is a pretty hefty fine, but we can’t impound.”

By the way, if that errant motorist didn’t get cited on scene, that doesn’t mean a citation didn’t track the driver down via mail.

“(It) is not uncommon for the…

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